Traditionally, Tajik marriages take place through the help of traditional customs. In recent times, these types of customs contain undergone extraordinary changes. The marriage procedure in Tajikistan includes a pitch, courtship, and then finally, marriage.

The service begins while using the parents from the bride and groom coming in concert to get to know each other. The bride and groom then prepare for the wedding ceremony inside their own homes. The wedding ceremony ceremony usually lasts three days.

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For the first three times of the marriage, the bride must cover her face. The star of the wedding wears a red and white handkerchief. This handkerchief is a symbol of enjoyment. The wedding is a special day in Tajikistan.

The groom’s family relationship with vietnamese woman members usually shows gifts for the bride’s marrying an tajikistan woman family. This really is done to observe the marriage and welcome the new relatives. They also distribute cups of flour. This service is combined with prayers.

For the first three days of the marriage, the newlyweds are fed. They must eat meat, sodium, and dessert. The women with young children are fed last. The bride and groom then produce a determination before the vorbeter.

The marriage ceremony is certainly followed by a banquet. Everyone receive gifts from your groom’s family and offer gifts to the bride’s family members. The marriage party is usually a large event. The bride and groom are embellished and be dressed in traditional outfits.

Wedding ceremony process in Tajikistan requires a wide range of traditions and customs. These customs represent the distinct highlights of the Tajik ethnic group.

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